THIS is how to get your window frame clean in no time!

Are you experiencing trouble when cleaning your window frames? Then you should check out this cleaning hack. Because there is a simple trick to clean your window frames in no time! All you need is a scouring pad, marker, and a sharp knife! Do you have all these products at home? Then quickly read how to apply this cleaning hack to get your window frames as good as new again!


The many edges in window frames make it very difficult to clean them properly. Because there are a lot of edges, cleaning your window frames takes a lot of time. Unfortunately, these annoying cleaning tasks have to be done. Because there are so many edges in a window frame, dirt and bacteria quickly accumulate there. All this dirt between the edges is unhygienic. Properly cleaning between those edges is often experienced as difficult. But what if there would be a solution for this cleaning task?

All you need is an abrasive sponge, a marker, and a sharp knife. Lay the rough side of the abrasive sponge down on the window frame. Take the marker and draw lines on the abrasive sponge at the level of all the edges of your window frame. Cut into the soft part of the sponge where the lines were made, with your knife. With this technique, the scouring sponge can fit perfectly into all the nooks and crannies of your window frame! You will still need some suds or detergent to properly clean your window frame. If you apply the detergent and use your custom-made sponge, your window frame will be clean in no time.

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