These tips will ensure your clothes are always wrinkle-free

On the list of least favorite chores around the house, ironing would be number one for most. Many people find this household chore so tedious that they just simply do not do it. Some have the luxury of having a cleaner who also does the laundry, but most people are on their own when it comes to this.

Cleaning your house already takes up enough time, so most people are in no mood to do the ironing: something that is not only a time-consuming chore but also a chore that has to be redone, and quickly at that.


However, what if we were to tell you that there is a really easy trick that will make ironing no longer tedious? Opting for the 2nd one can even mean you will never have to iron again.

Has your interest been piqued?

There are better irons and cleaning devices out there these days, but these are often pricey and you end up paying for both the quality as well as the brand. You can at least use the following tip to make ironing easier:

  • Remove the fabric cloth from your ironing board
  • Then cover the ironing board with aluminum foil. This conducts the heat a lot better than the material of the ironing board itself.
  • Put the cloth back over it. You will see the creases and wrinkles disappear almost immediately when you go over them.

If you are really tired of ironing, or if you don’t have an iron in your house, you can also hang your laundry in your bathroom. The steam from the shower basically steams your clothes and makes the creases disappear, as well!

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