This tiny house is every new bohemian lover’s dream in 2023!


Tiny houses have become a trend in recent years, and their number is increasing day by day.

Often people think you must compromise on looks and space with a tiny house. Yet that statement is not entirely true. Look at this beautiful bohemian-inspired tiny house, to see that a tiny house is spacious enough!



What is so ideal about a tiny house is that you can put it anywhere you want. Think of the beach, the forest, or even in the mountains. In houses like this, you can escape from the chaotic life in the city. If you are also looking for an escape from your busy life, a tiny house might be just what you are looking for! An interesting fact about this tiny house is that it is made from a shipping container! Crazy right? But this shows how creative you can get when designing a tiny home.

Curious about what the interior looks like?

Of course, the outside of this house is already beautiful to see. A great feature of this tiny house is the balcony! The balcony creates extra space. It is a perfect place to watch the stars in the evening or enjoy a cup of coffee during the day! The inside of this tiny house is certainly just as beautiful as the outside!

As you could see from the outside, this house is designed with a bohemian twist. The sand colors and rattan details used in the interior make you feel like you are in Ibiza! The large windows that also function as sliding doors bring the outdoors inside. The perfect way to unwind and become one with the nature around you.


When the evening arrives, you can enjoy your time outside on the terrace with a fire burning. But if you want an even better view, you can sit on top of the containers! The only thing you must do is take the stairs and then you have a perfect view to watch the stars. How romantic!

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