This is the most remarkable renovation of all time

A pirate ship on its own is already quite special! But a pirate ship high in the trees, have you ever heard of that? This is surely a scenario you could only dream of. Yet this unique treehouse exists! Curious how this concept was born, keep reading!

David and Lindsey have a huge garden with plenty of room left over to carry out fun plans. They own a construction company and architectural firm. Together they came up with the idea of buying a unique 150-year-old boat. The boat needs to be completely stripped and renovated.


The ship was originally a sailboat, but it was no longer declared ”seaworthy”. Rather than letting the ship perish, a sustainable and unique solution was devised: the pirate ship tree house. No one would have expected this renovation let alone the impressive interior.

Are you curious about the inside of this unique home? Then continue reading below for the amazing interior!

The inside of this home is almost as special as the outside! You’ll totally feel like you’re on a pirate ship

The wooden elements and round windows make you feel as if you are in a real cabin. The boat also has a very cozy sitting area, but certainly don’t forget the sleeping area.

The sleeping area also has a lot of use of wooden elements. As soon as you get into the bed, you’ll sail straight to dreamland! Looking up, there is a roof window that allows you to stargaze at the sky. A very special night here is guaranteed!

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