Do you always have to cry when you cut an onion? Try this handy food hack!

An onion is a popular ingredient in almost every dish. The taste of onion elevates a recipe to the next level. However, cutting an onion is a terrible thing to do for most of us. Tears might roll down your cheeks when you only get near an onion. Yet those tears can be a thing of the past from now on! All you need against the tears is a little water and some kitchen paper!


The reason behind all those onion tears is the destruction of the cells from the onion. Gases are released when you cut into an onion. One gas that is released in particular is called syn-Propanethial-S-oxide. This gas is attracted to water sources. The gas is searching for the nearest water source. Unfortunately, the closest source is your lachrymal sac.

So how do you prevent the gas from finding its way to your tear bag? The only thing you have to do is place another water source closer to the onion. How can you create another water source? Well, this hack is quite simple. Take a piece of kitchen paper and wet it slightly. Now place this damp piece of kitchen paper on the cutting board on which the onion is also lying, and you will see that you won’t have to shed another tear! Tip: choose a sharp knife when cutting an onion. A blunt knife cuts harder through the onion cells, releasing more gases. A sharp knife glides through the onion this way, reducing the spread of the nasty gas.

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