This Tiny Green House is only 247ft2 But Check Out This Interior

You would not expect this kind of interior in this tiny green house


The architect did a fantastic job on the interior of the home. The bedroom is ideally placed inside the house with a nice view outdoors. Behind the bed is the relaxation area, here you can quietly watch TV on the couch. To the left of the bed, an amazing separate shower room has been built featuring a rain shower. A separate toilet space has also been created.

The architect designed the kitchen beautifully using the same colors as the left side of the tiny house. The kitchen even has a dishwasher, refrigerator and oven just like you would find in a normal house.

The 247ft2  tiny house is built on a wooden platform. It even has a long relaxation mat built on this platform. As a result, you can enjoy nature all around you during the summer.

Would you like to live in this tiny house, save money each month and build a financial buffer for the future? Let us know. And above all, please share this amazing tiny house with your friends and family!

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