Easily descale the showerhead? This is how you do it

A showerhead is a much-used item in every household. All that use will eventually cause the holes in the showerhead to clog with lime. Apart from the fact that this doesn’t look clean, it’ll also cause the water pressure to become irregular. When this happens, it is about time to thoroughly clean the showerhead. It might sound like a complicated job, but your shower will be clean in no time with our tip and you can get back to enjoying a fantastic shower!

The water that flows through the showerhead can contain a lot of lime. The amount of lime in the water varies per region, but sooner or later it’s a problem that will affect everyone. Because the lime stays stuck in the holes, it’s very difficult to clean. There are several special products you can buy, but they can often be very expensive.

That’s why a lot of people just buy a new showerhead. But our tip can save you a lot of money! No expensive products, and no new showerhead!

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