Even with just 302ft2 this house has an incredible interior

This is one of the most luxurious little houses we have seen. This super beautiful house has the feel of a very modern log cabin. The interior is what makes this house really special. The house may be small, but it is so complete that it will leave you wanting for nothing.

Not quite ready to move into a Tiny House yet? Then let yourself be surprised by the interior of this house. The use of space has been so effective that it serves as a great interior inspiration for your own home. Whether you are renting or have bought a house, everyone can always use more space.

Financing the purchase of a house is no longer straight-forward these days. You need a lot of your own money and a loan can be easily turned down. A small student debt already means a fixed reduction in the total amount of your mortgage. If this is the case, a Tiny House can be a very good investment! You can probably buy this house either without any loan, or perhaps with a small one. You also save a lot of money every month on insurance and energy costs.

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