These lifehacks will save you a lot of money

Save on vacation

For this option, you have to sacrifice a little comfort and luxury, but you will save a lot of money. Go on vacation by car and sleep in a tent instead of a hotel. This can easily save you thousands of euros!

Make a shopping list

When you go to the supermarket, especially when you’re hungry, you can end up with too much unnecessarily expensive food. Try to make a list before you go to the supermarket and stick to it. This way you will be less likely to spend money on unnecessary things.


Sell your old stuff

Do your kids not wear certain clothes anymore or do you have furniture you don’t like anymore? Then sell it! This way you can earn some extra money with it, while you would otherwise do away with it anyway.

Never throw away good food

If you overestimate your appetite, and you made too much, you can always put the leftovers in a container and freeze them. Then you have a meal leftover for later in the week and don’t have to waste money on the new food. Also very environmentally conscious!

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