5 ways to save money in less than 5 minutes

Saving money sounds like a hassle. Everyone knows that money can be saved on certain things, but this often goes hand in hand with the feeling that it will take a lot of your time and energy. However, it is possible to save a lot of money each month without feeling as if you have to give up your needs and habits. And it doesn’t have to take you all day either. Below you’ll find 5 tips on how to save money effortlessly every month. And the great thing is.. it won’t take you more than five minutes!

Unused bank account:
Many people have a bank account that they don’t use. Have you ever opened a bank account, without actually using it? An unnecessary cost item, since having a bank account is not free! Close the account and save on these costs.


Check your car’s tire pressure:
When the tire pressure of your car is too low, you use way more fuel than necessary. At the gas station you can get your tires back to the right pressure level for a small fee. Not only does this drive more comfortable, you will earn that fee back in an instant!