You 100% need this remedy in your kitchen!

Removing stickers

Like chewing gum, WD-40 is super helpful in removing other sticky substances such as stickers. Having trouble removing stickers from glass jars? Spray some WD-40 on it and the sticker will come off much easier! Then wash the pot thoroughly with soapy water.


Removing stains from the sink

Do you have stubborn stains in your sink? WD-40 also comes in handy here. Spray a bit in your sink and then wash it thoroughly with soap and water. After this everything shines again as if it were brand new!

Loosen stuck glasses

Everyone is familiar with the problem where 2 (or more) glasses are in each other, and you cannot get separate them. Here too, WD-40 is the solution, this way you lubricate the glasses and you can separate them more easily. you must wash the glasses thoroughly afterward with dishwashing detergent.

Lots of simple but super-useful things you can do with WD-40, quickly test them yourself! Do they work? Don’t forget to share this message with your friends!