You 100% need this remedy in your kitchen!


Everyone probably has it at home and uses it for all kinds of tricks: WD-40. In the garage, this spray is indispensable for the most simple solutions. This product is well known for lubricating surfaces, removing moisture, or preventing rust. But did you know that WD-40 is also very useful in the kitchen? We tell you why!

Removing dirt from your tile joints

Do you have dirt stuck between your tiles? Spray some WD-40 into these joints and let it remain for a few minutes. Then you can get rid of the dirt with warm soapy water!


Removing chewing gum

Are you bothered with chewing gum or homemade slime from your children? On your carpet, table, clothing, or wall? A little bit of WD-40 makes it much easier to get rid of sticky substances such as chewing gum.

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