This house on wheels is small, but the interior will amaze you

Leave your caravan next summer, because with this tiny house on wheels you are fully equipped. And it also radiates a lot of warmth, coziness, and modernity! There is even a folding side in it so that you can sit outside on your own mini veranda in good weather. Is it too cold for this? Then you fold it back up nicely and go sit inside nice and warm. Are you tired of the place where you are? Then you can drive a little further!

Due to the modern wooden finish on the outside, this 195 square feet house is not only very practical but also looks beautiful. Because you could easily live in this small house, you also save a lot of money, and you do not have to go to the notary to take out a huge mortgage or apply for a loan. The energy bill will also be a lot lower due to the size of the house.

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