The view and interior of this small house will amaze you

Spending the night in a house like this is a dream come true for many people, and rightly so! Because the view, combined with all the facilities that this house has, makes this one of the most beautiful locations you can find. Although it is only 32 m2, and you won’t exactly save money by traveling here, this cottage in Iceland has all the luxuries you could dream of. And that already starts when you go for a walk around it. A walk where you probably cannot greet your neighbors, because they are at least 300 meters away.


At the back, there is a luxurious hot tub, that you can stay in until the early hours. And now let’s take a minute to consider the view… Because it won’t get much better than this. Watching the northern lights is already a very special experience in itself, but watching it from your hot tub or even from your own bed? Wow! This is all possible in this house because the ceiling above your bed has a panoramic roof!

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