The best tips for unclogging your drain

Not only can a clogged drain cause a lot of mess but also bad smells. If this is the case, there is no need to call a plumber. There are some very handy things you can do yourself to unclog your drain. It will probably save you a lot of money. We’ve listed a few tips that will not only help you unclog your drains but also prevent them from getting clogged.

Ice cubes, salt, and lemon


Prevention is perhaps even better than cure! So your drain already smells foul, and you’re worried it might be clogged? Then throw some ice cubes, salt, and lemon peel into the sink. If you let this mixture grind in your drain for a while and then carefully remove it, most of the organic residue and bacteria will be gone. Your drain will smell fresh again, and the risk of it clogging will be significantly reduced.

Now you know how to prevent it, but what should you do if you are too late? Tips for unclogging drains are on the next page.