Check out the smallest house in the world!

Just how small can a Tiny House get? This property, which sleeps an impressive 3 adults, is constructed on a trailer of only 20 ft long. This house may be tiny, but it is both functional and beautifully furnished. A little interior inspiration is always useful. Have a look at this home to spark your imagination, small but with a beautiful interior!


For some, this house may be too small as a main residence but it makes a fantastic holiday home. A private holiday property simply isn’t achieable for everyone. Securing loans is even further out of reach than it once was. Mortgages can’t be obtained without harrowing hurdles. A small financial setback such as a study debt can already cause a rejection. You’ll need substantial savings to land your dream holiday villa. Not to worry, this cool little house is the perfect solution and boasts a brilliant interior to boot!

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