These are the perfect tips for cleaning the bathroom

Most people clean the bathroom every week or every other week. It makes sense because the bathroom is used every day and it is a place you would rather not have dirty. Start with the shower or bathtub; create your own soapy water with some cleaning vinegar and hot water, let it soak for about fifteen minutes, then rinse. If there are any persistent stains, you can easily remove them with lemon juice and cold water.

When you are thoroughly cleaning the bathroom, you will probably also want to properly clean the bathroom tiles. You can use the same soapy water as for the shower/bathtub. Make sure to rub it down with a dry cloth once you are done. You can clean the grouting with a toothbrush and bleach. Super convenient and easy!


While these steps may be part of your regular thorough cleaning, there are still many hidden spots you forget to clean that can become part of your ‘fall’ cleaning! Check these out on the next page…