Protect Yourself Against An Economic Crisis And Buy A Tiny House

Bob decided to sell his house at the perfect moment in the current housing market. While many people think that house prices could go up much further, it is unlikely that house prices will rise for years to come. Getting a mortgage is not very easy at this time, even though the interest rate is very low.

Should there ever be a new crisis and house prices fall again, just as they did during the last crisis, Bob plans to sell his tiny house and buy another house at the lowest price possible. For now, the big advantage is that the costs of a tiny house are very low and he does not need a loan for it.

As you can see, there is also plenty of space in the house and there are almost no other costs that you would otherwise have in a normal, large house. What do you think of the idea of selling a house and living smaller? Be sure to share the article with your friends.