Couple inherits home the result after the renovation is amazing

One of the first big projects she wanted to tackle was the ugly old staircase. Due to the leaky roof, the carpet was completely soaked with rain and had become moldy. This was not a nice sight, so they chose to start with it. On the picture below they completely stripped the stairs and prepared them for rebuilding.

Below you can see that the people who bought this house didn’t just make the choice to renovate a house a little bit. Everything has been done to completely renovate the house and the staircase is the first example of this. You can recognize some shapes from the first picture but the difference is really a nice piece of craftsmanship.

Then they moved on to the bathroom. The bathroom was even worse than the stairs! It is bizarre to see how quickly a house can deteriorate if maintenance is not thought of in time and some money is invested in a house now and then. Are you curious about the bathroom? Look at the next page…